“True knowledge is not attained by thinking. It is what you are; it is what you become.”

― Sri Aurobindo & The Mother

We The Progress

A unit works to help colleges, universities and centers of higher education to improve their working and performance at every level and in every field through conscious governance.

What We Do

Sensitize the higher education institutions towards sustain ability, contribution to national development, inculcation of values systems among students and promotion of technology.

Join The Change

To stimulate the academic environment in order to enhance the quality of teaching, learning and research in higher educational institutions and to undertake consultancy, research, and training programs.

Hand Holding Programs

  • Governance, leadership and management
  • Innovation and best practices
  • Institutional social responsibility
  • Innovative technology development
  • Faculty development
  • Character and citizenship building
  • Curricular development aspects
  • Teaching, learning and evaluation
  • Infrastructure and learning resources
  • Student support and progression

Our Initiative



For Rural Artisans Enrichments

Sustainable India

For Emplimentation of UNDP Goals

Nursery Mission Green

For Green Initiatives

Our Associates