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The objectives of THE PROGRESS appeal to us and we would like to work for their realization. Kindly enroll us as a Institutional member of THE PROGRESS. We understand that this annual membership includes an institutional membership with Sri Aurobindo Yoga And Knowledge Foundation.

  • - Books for Library.
  • - Framed Certificate of Membership
  •  Quality Audit
     Academic and Administrative Audit
     Curriculum design based on Integral Education
     MOU (Tripartite MOU) with different Institutions
     Online Certification Courses
  •  Gender Audit
     Green & Environment Audit
     Help through Nursery Greens
     Workshop & Conference
  •  Sharing Happiness Programme-Happy Feet
     Sharing Happiness Programme-Happy Teeth
     Sharing Happiness Programme-Happy Eyes
  •  Online Certification Courses-Artificial Intelligence
     Online Certification Courses-Arieal Robotics
     Online Certification Courses-Data Sciences
  •  FDP Certification programme
  •  Internship
     Online Certification Course
  •  Value addition certification courses (eg. Integral yoga, personality development)
  •  Conference
     Publication-News Letter
  •  To Serve as resource centre of The Progress